Mission Work
The range of mission activities which the Wylie church lends support to is varied and spans the globe from a children's home in the Hill Country of Texas to a preaching school in the Ukraine.

Ukraine, India, Mexico, Ghana

Our congregation is one of the supporters for the mission work of Ron Coleman, and below you will find links to some of his latest reports:
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Ron's January 2014 Report
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Ron's April 2017 Report                    Ron's May 2017 Report                        Ron's July 2017 Report

Ron's August 2017 Report

Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine
Our congregation also supports the mission work of Gary Workman in the Ukraine.  
Some of his work can be seen on the website for the: West Bank Church of Christ.

The Wylie church helps support a mission team in Niterói, Brazil. In November of 2008 five families moved to Niterói, Brazil to plant and establish a centrally located church within the city. It is the team’s goal that one day the church here will own its own facility and be a growing, self-sustaining Brazilian congregation that will plant other churches in Niterói and the surrounding areas.

Niteroi Church Facebook            Brent & Jill Nichols Reports


The Wylie church helps support the family of Carey & Bonnie Samford that ministers to the commnity in Anchor Point, Alaska.  

Carey/Bonnie Samford

Samford's Twitter Feed

Local Outreach
The Wylie Church is involved throughout the local community, and here are a few things the congregation is regularly involved with:

- Visitation of local sick and shut ins.
- Arms of Hope
- Christian Care Center
- Meals on Wheels

Boles Home / Medina Children's Home
Close to home, the Medina Children's Home located in Medina, Texas provides a safe haven with a Christian environment for adolescents and single mothers with children and guides these individuals toward a life of good, Christian citizenship in the United States of America.

World Bible School
Members of the congregation are also involved in the World Bible School which introduces the Bible to people in foreign lands through printed lessons and personal letters. This is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot travel to other countries to help spread the Word.